Hello! I’m a mad biotech scientist by day and a science fiction and fantasy writer by night. Besides all things science and science fiction, juggling is a passion of mine. Whether it’s juggling my kids, props, or the worlds and characters I write about, my life feels like it’s one throw away from dropping through my fingers. And that’s how I like it, a fast pace, crazy existence, with a touch of imagination. Aren’t those the best ingredients for a story?

Science has always been my first love. I have a Ph.D. in microbiology, but am a biochemist by training, working in the biotech industry developing cool medicines that treat cancers, blood  disorders, and rare genetics diseases. Deep down, two fields have always intrigued me, astronomy and neuroscience. These fields are where I focus my science fiction writing.

Writing is my passion. I’ve been a member of the Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators for too many years to count. I picked SCBWI because I’m still a kid at heart and love kids in general. Being a kid is the best, kids can daydream and imagine impossible worlds in far away galaxies, or live life as a superhero in the big city here on Earth. Daydreaming is why I write, creating worlds where I can play out the lives of the characters in my head.

I was a 2017 unofficial mentee in Pitch Wars working with the fabulous Middle Grade mentor Shari Schwarz. Pitch Wars is an intense online revision contest. This has been one of the best experiences for me as a writer. I’ve learned so much about storytelling craft, character development, plotting, and writing. My science fiction story EUROPA was the manuscript pitched. I highly recommend submitting to Pitch Wars if you want to be a serious writer.

Juggling is my hobby and I can be found at the park or home tossing around my props. Balls are my favorite, especially Dube beanbags, solid colors only. Yes, I can do tricks- cascades, waterfalls, columns, Mills Mess, and behind the back. Three ball tricks are easy for me and I’ve maxed out to 4 objects number-wise. I want to master 5! My favorite trick is to eat an apple while juggling raw eggs. Good fun for laughs.

Socially, you can find me hanging out on Twitter. I love it’s simplicity and brevity for expression. I’m a co-host on #mglitchat where we discuss middle grade literature and books. Come hang out with us to pick up some great to be read lists!